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tip of the week - proofreading

Jessica Smith

tgif bloggers! 

this weeks tip of the week spurred from an almost time misprint on an anniversary party invitation. i cannot stress this tip enough! 

one of the most commonly missed steps in ordering your wedding stationery is proofreading. by the time you are ready to print or order your invitations, you probably have looked at it a few thousand times, so its easy to miss an otherwise obvious mistake.

however, ensuring your invitation has the right dates, times, addresses, etc is extremely important seeing as that is the reason you are sending them in the first place :) 

here is a little proofreading checklist i give my clients:

  • print off your invitation so you have a hard copy of it to make corrections on. its easy to miss on-screen errors.
  • read your invitation aloud slowly.
  • check and double check dates, times, and locations.
  • print off a copy for your parents, a friend, and another friend. make sure you have plenty sets of eyes proofreading with you.
  • once changes have been made, repeat the process. 

proofreading can seem like a pretty daunting task, but in the end it will save you the trouble and cost of reprinting, or just being absolutely horrified that your soon-to-be mother-in-law’s name was spelled “Skanky” instead of “Sandy”… that wouldn’t go over so well. 

have a question you’d like to ask for next week’s tip of the week? email us at

have a great weekend everyone :)