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tell a story

Jessica Smith

a wedding invitation style that has been trending over the past year or two is the invitation that tells the “story of us”. how we met. how he proposed. how we fell in love. let me just say that i absolutely love these. there is something so unique and personal about it. this way, even your great aunt’s friend’s cousin that was invited to the wedding has a little background on who is saying “i do” up at the altar…

anyway, i have designed two of these story invitations and am onto my third! so very fun! the one below was for a couple i met while out in grand rapids. inspired by twopaperdolls. lots of color. lots of font. oh and kraft paper :)

this one never made it past the mock up stage due to a more formal ceremony, but if you had met the couple you would see what a perfect reflection this was of them.

do you have a love story to tell your wedding guests? how did you and your fiance meet? how did your fiance propose? email your love story to for a chance to win a free “story” invitation design!