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surprise, surprise.

Jessica Smith

silly me forgot to write a little shout out to ryan yesterday for his birthday… but do you want to know the real reason?

i threw my first surprise party. let me tell you something about surprise parties… they make you sick to your stomach and neurotic and anxious. with what a wreck i was yesterday, you would have thought i was concocting some black tie event surprise at the colony club or something. but no… it was a small little bowling get together. 

i am sure throwing anyone else a surprise party is much easier. but ryan doesn’t miss a thing. he is two steps ahead of everyone at all times. so its almost near impossible to keep any secrets from him. thank goodness i got him a phone for his birthday because it kept him preoccupied while i escaped to the party before him. 

anyway… happy birthday to my hubby-to-be :) i love you so much sweetheart!

so today’s activities consist of

  • catching up on work
  • a few valentine’s gift playing card orders (yay!)
  • wedding invites
  • wedding invites
  • and more wedding invites (not mine… don’t get too excited)

happy hump day everyone!

xo, jess