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The daily ramblings and adventures at PEACE LOVE DESIGN. Design, fashion, food, and fun.

monday check-in : the turkey version

Jessica Smith

Obsessing Over: holiday drink recipes and holiday pinterest crafts. i swear i would be the most enjoyable person if i had like 2 extra hours in each day for random crafts and projects

Working On: well its almost 3pm and i JUST ate breakfast. i had a big order going out this morning for my thanksgiving bride (YAY KATIE & MARK!!!!) what a great way to spend the holiday… with all of your family celebrating your wedding. i can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it. i am spending my afternoon finishing up some really adorable college grad announcements that will be shipped off to colorado this evening. more to come on those! 

Thinking About: how i need to finalize the thanksgiving menu. its just ryan and myself… but that doesn’t mean we aren’t having EVERYTHING on the list haha! now if only i could pick one holiday drink recipe. pomegranate margarita, cranberry old fashioned… what to do….

Anticipating: the house search. for those just tuning in, ryan and i have been on a serious house hunt. and let me tell you, its been interesting… and frustrating. my favorite one has to be the house we liked in berkley where as ryan was walking up to meet the guy, someone stopped by to serve him papers. apparently he owed a boatload of taxes on the house…. NEXT! 

Listening To: pandora. i love a good postal service or death cab station. 

Wishing: that i had time for a nap today. with the kitty. and my honey. actually i wish it was summer and we were napping on the boat. how many days til its 80 degrees again?! sighhhh…. happy monday yall!