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monday check-in : begin again

Jessica Smith

well its been a while and yes i am still alive. my apologies for the lengthy disappearing act i performed all summer. sometimes our lives change in ways we would rather they didn’t and all you can really do is lay on the floor staring at the ceiling, praying that the earth would just swallow you up. today i am standing back on my two feet and beginning again. there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to this fall so here we go:

Working On: a line of greeting cards that will be appearing in a grand rapids store soon! and then hopefully a few other places right after that :) so excited, i have no idea why its taken me so long to do this… 

Thinking About: the crazy michigan weather. one day i am losing ten pounds in sweat and the next i am bundled in a hoodie drinking hot tea?!

Anticipating: my upcoming weekend getaway of course. its taken me way too long to schedule a trip to visit my older brother in the hamptons. yes, summer in the hamptons because i am fancy like that hahaha! our weekend activities already include reservations at an impossible-to-get-reservations-at restaurant, celebrity hunting, floppy beach hat wearing, trying to crash a white party, and visiting an old friend in the city. to be honest i am just excited to get on a plane. i am one of those wierdos that loves airports and airplanes and traveling. 

Listening To: some black keys. some imagine dragons. the monday usual.

Wishing: that i got a venti instead of a grande cinnamon dolce latte with one pump of white mocha. how is it already gone!?

happy monday everyone!