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royal oak, michigan




The daily ramblings and adventures at PEACE LOVE DESIGN. Design, fashion, food, and fun.

monday check-in

Jessica Smith

Obsessing Over: the new coffee flavors i FINALLY ordered for my keurig. among them my two favorites, island coconut and wild blueberry. i take my coffee very seriously if you hadn’t noticed yet :)

Working On: a makeover of sorts. more to come. 

Thinking About: how i need about 4 more hours in each day. at least. i just don’t know how normal people build an empire and work a full time “side” job all at the same time. lets just say there is not a whole lot of sleep, and there are friends and family that get mad at you for not sharing your time with them. but if you want something bad enough, you will work like crazy for it.

Anticipating: sharing all the fun projects from my spring brides. its been an incredible start to 2013 and i am just having a blast with all the designs. coming real soon folks!

Listening To: the ratatat station on pandora. i highly recommend it if you are at all a ratatat fan.

Wishing: that i could survive on coffee alone. 

happy monday everyone!