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The daily ramblings and adventures at PEACE LOVE DESIGN. Design, fashion, food, and fun.

Jessica Smith

etsy shop of the week : plainj body and home

this shop caught my eye through the facebook page of an old coworker of mine from grand rapids. what first grabbed my attention was the awesome packaging. kraft paper, grey, and stainless steel, im in love! but really the story behind it all is interesting. jessica, the owner of the store, went to school for interior design (like myself!) and she works in the interior design field. i can totally relate to how mundane design is somedays when everything is on the computer screen. us designers were born to create with our hands whether it be a sketch, a model, etc. jessica chose candle and soap making to fill that void. all i can say is someone better buy me the crackling firewood soy candle along with the pumpkin crunch soap because fall is RIGHT around the corner, and the only thing that makes me feel better about it is pumpkin pie and hoodies and football.

another great idea she displays on her page is that you can use the candles as wedding favors! or the lipbalms as bridal shower favors. very cute stuff. check it out!