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Jessica Smith

weddings are expensive. every time you turn around its another $1000 for flowers or food or vase rentals. it all adds up so quickly until you turn around and say “uhhh i just doubled my wedding budget…”

well the thing about weddings is that even if you are just a teeny bit crafty and can operate a glue gun and pair of scissors, you can cut corners and dollars by doing it yourself. this also gives you the chance to really personalize your big day. 

there are a lot of great resources out there for DIY brides. from blogs to online tutorials, the information is all out there. 

so now for the good news…

my two tiers of invitations (panel & pocket) although priced cheaper than most of the big guys, can still break a lot of wedding budgets. so how do you get a personalized and unique invitation design without breaking the bank?

introducing print-ready designs! you get the same star treatment design-work but instead of paying top dollar for a finished design, you pay a small design fee and receive print-ready pdf files, a list of supplies and where to find them, as well as detailed instructions for assembling your invitations.

anyway, i have had a few brides take advantage of this already, so pictures of diy projects to come soon! email me for more information on pricing and what not.