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The daily ramblings and adventures at PEACE LOVE DESIGN. Design, fashion, food, and fun.

day two, 2012

Jessica Smith

started this chilly first monday of the year looking at a few houses with ry. surreal. i mean we have been looking at houses for a while now but its all different now :) we went to get my finger fitted for the setting that is being made, but they were closed. boo. 

being that i am an invitation designer, i keep getting the question “soooo tell us how awesome your invitations will be!? I bet they are going to be the greatest invites ever created!” 

in truth… i have NO idea. i spend plenty of time everyday surfing wedding ideas and invitation ideas and getting inspiration from all my brides pinterests, its literally all i do haha! but now its my turn. AHHHHH! 

don’t worry, i will keep you all updated the entire way. but in the meantime, i get to help with other brides big days :) here are a few invite styles i found that i am diggin’ for one of my brides. very natural and organic but still elegant with a hint of modern. fun fun! i cannot for the life of me find the source, somewhere on tumblr.

anyway…happy monday!