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royal oak, michigan




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Jessica Smith



Ryan is an old friend of mine from when I used to wait tables. We’ve bumped into one another now and again and he told me that he wanted to come to my show on NYE.

“Hey Ben if you have a second I have a question for you…. Its about new years eve… I may be proposing that night… Could use a little help. Talk to you soon.”

So I called him up. He was nervous and was wondering what my input would be. So I suggested that, in between songs, I would call up a female volounteer (Jess) up onto the stage and tell her to close her eyes. Then Ryan would be there when she opened them.

So here’s the video from the proposal. I think it worked out perfect!

I’m a hopeless romantic, and to have been a part of something that will be remembered for a lifetime was such a humbling experience.

Ryan and Jess, Congratulations again on your engagement. I wish you longevity, happiness, and much success in your relationship and your lives together. Let me know when the wedding day comes. I definitely wanna be there!  - Ben