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royal oak, michigan




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back to reality

Jessica Smith

friday morning, ryan and i decided to surprise my parents and take a little weekend escape to our little slice of paradise. about five hours north of detroit and just a hundred yards from the shore of lake huron is a plot of land that my grandpa bought back in the 50’s.

a side note… my dad is one of eleven siblings.

what used to be one a-frame cabin packed like a sardine can with our family, is now a couple cabins. ours started out the size of a shoebox. i spent my summers with my toes in the sand, chasing polywogs and catching crayfish in mulligan creek with my cousins (all 36 of them). i spent my winters exploring the massive ice caves created by huron’s waves. 

because my dad must always have a project going, he decided last minute on a thanksgiving weekend that he would bust open the front wall of the cabin and build a great room. well, the great room turned into an upstairs room which turned into an entire floor which turned into balconies and an extension out the back… and my dad built the most beautiful log cabin i have ever seen. 

anyway… this is my escape. 

thats all for now. back to reality.


ps… it felt like midnight like three hours ago… silly time change