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a lil' expression - our march guest blogger!

Jessica Smith

happy sunday everyone! we are so excited to welcome a few newbies to the blog! first up is our march guest blogger… ms tabitha bell of t.bell photography. enjoy!

photography has always been intriguing to me. 

even when i was little, i would go through boxes and boxes of my grandmother’s photographs every time i visited. my favorite ones were always the silly ones [my great aunt in her homemade princess halloween costume; my mother with dark green eyeliner and big, 80’s hair] and the lovey ones [my great grandma and great grandpa holding hands; a relative’s wedding day]. these pictures gave me a glimpse into memorable moments of the past, while letting me relive an era i never got to experience.

as i got older, i began falling in love with weddings - the ambiance, the decor, the love - i wanted to be a part of it all. so i made the choice to get my bachelors degree in event planning, and began to work within that field. every time i would help plan a wedding, i would feel so much joy for the couple and the work i was doing - but i also felt an empty hole. it was true that i was giving these couples an amazing day, but i wasn’t giving them something to actually hold on to and look at. 

the photographer was.

this little thought is what jarred all my pre-conceived notions of what i wanted to do with my life. i wanted to be part of something beautiful and unique, while still creating something beautiful and unique. my love of photography miraculously resurfaced and i began surrounding myself with blogs, tutorials and camera research - everything turned upwards from there. 

though i have only shot three weddings, the feeling of capturing love on that special day is such an amazing thing to experience. one bride and groom that i photographed last summer were so fun & receptive when i asked them to get on a swing-set together! swinging relaxed them and made them smile, which in turn made for beautiful pictures. 

i’m still fine-tuning my skills and my photography style, but i am so blessed by the people who have taken a chance on me. i truly love that i am able to be involved in such intimate and exciting sessions, and am so ecstatic at what things may come my way this year :)

for more information on tbell photography… check out tabitha’s blog here or visit her facebook page here