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etsy shops of the week : wedding favors

Jessica Smith

so i have been getting a lot of questions from my clients regarding suggestions for wedding favors. many times, favors get pushed to the side until the last minute and end up becoming somewhat of an afterthought. i thought i would use this week's etsy favorites to highlight a few suggestions and go over a few tips when selecting and packaging your wedding favors.

1. consider the season!

in other words, don't send cute individual hot cocoa mixes home with your guests in july. you may laugh but i have definitely seen it done! i love these beautiful succulents for spring or summer weddings, they can even double as place cards. looking for a fall idea? try individually wrapped mini apple pies. looking for a winter idea? consider mistletoe candles!

wedding succulents by thesucculentsource

wedding succulents by thesucculentsource

2. don't over-do your names or logo! 

no offense, but did you really think all your closest friends and family want a wine glass with your initials etched on them or coasters with your face decoupaged on them? bring your name and logo into the packaging but choose a gift that they will actually use. these wine coasters are a perfect example. your guests will actually use these! if you must monogram something, make sure it is subtle and not the focal point of your favor. 

wine cork coasters by maxplanationphotos

wine cork coasters by maxplanationphotos

3. choose the right edible!

the most common mistake i see in wedding favors is giving your guests food that is similar to whatever you gave them for dessert... a cupcake, cookies, brownies. these typically get left behind which is the last thing you want to happen with the extra $500 you just spent. go for an edible they will be excited to use. these individual spice kits by dell cove spices are fabulous. they come in plenty of flavor options and look how pretty they are! other unique edibles include smores kits, canned jams or honeys. hot sauces, and more.

wedding favor spice kits by dellcovespices

wedding favor spice kits by dellcovespices

4. don't forget the kids!

although i find that most weddings these days are adults only, plenty of clients invite children to their weddings. just as you will be offering a special meal for kids, remember to offer a special favor. this customized box of crayons by cio prints is such a cute idea. you could also get these adorable activity bags and fill them with little dollar store finds like stickers, candy, bracelets, etc.

customized wedding crayons by cioprints

customized wedding crayons by cioprints

found the perfect favor but need packaging or logo design matching your wedding stationery? contact us for a quote! what is the best favor you received at a wedding?