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royal oak, michigan




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monday check-in

Jessica Smith

it has been a complete whirlwind since i got back from florida! lots of designs in production, new clients, build class homework and shower planning of course!

Working On: aside from the current client work, i am working on putting together some inspirational pinterest boards that will hopefully be of some help to any of you stuck in a rut with your wedding planning. the boards will cover different wedding styles, colors, and seasons, helping us design the perfect stationery for your event. so stay tuned for more details on our pinterest updates!

Thinking About: the crazy weather this week! pardon my weather obsession, if you lived in michigan you would understand the suspense of checking the weather app every morning... will it snow today? or will it be 70 degrees and sunny? (both of which are happening this week by the way...)

Anticipating: the next build class! i must admit i was absolutely terrified to step through those doors. but there was no need for my nerves because i am working with a fantastic group of individuals and its been absolutely crazy finding out all that detroit has to offer. lots more to come on that!

Listening To: its a motion city soundtrack kind of monday... with an extra dose of caffeine! 

happy monday everyone!