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The daily ramblings and adventures at PEACE LOVE DESIGN. Design, fashion, food, and fun.

monday check-in : the irish version

Jessica Smith

happy saint patrick's day! instead of jumping on a party bus for kegs & eggs and the usual downtown detroit st patty's day awesomeness, i am currently recovering from yesterday's 32nd annual corktown 5k race. no, i am not recovering from the actual run, but my body is aching from shivering in the fifteen degree, snowy & blowy weather we ran in! oh my word, i have never been so cold in my entire life. and i have sat through freezing rain and snow at michigan stadium. but this one takes the cake! anyway, it was a lot of fun, very cool experience to be running the streets of detroit. here's to hoping its warmer next year!

Working On: finishing a few last minute projects before i leave for florida tomorrow! i am so looking forward to lounging in the sun, a round or two of golf, and wearing sundresses and bikinis. i just checked the tampa weather and we are in for sunny 80 degree weather all week long! and hooray for being able to fit all my shoes in my suitcase and still be under the weight limit! its a saint patty's day MIRACLE!

Thinking About: the messy office downstairs that NEEDS to be cleaned. i still have everything from the show all disheveled. spring cleaning time!

Anticipating: the next couple months. i got accepted into an entrepreneur class at D:Hive Build in downtown detroit. BUILD is a business and project planning class designed for aspiring and established entrepreneurs. so stay tuned, lots of fun stuff in the coming months!

Listening To: i think i hear bag pipes off in the distance... 

happy irish monday everyone!