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royal oak, michigan




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monday check-in : is it spring yet?

Jessica Smith

i have a perfectly reasonable excuse for being late with my monday check-in today... i was busy watching meryl & charlie win the first ever usa olympic gold in ice dancing! canada was incredible, but we were better :) so impressed by the talent out on the ice. i took ice skating lessons when i was younger and lets just say my behind saw the ice more than my skates!

Working On: sending out some high school graduation promotions! so royal oak high school seniors, keep an eye on your mailbox this week! hard to believe graduation season will be here before we know it. our 2014 calendar is filling up rather quickly!

Anticipating: the upcoming trip to florida, exactly one month from tomorrow! i could really use some sunshine right about now. I'm looking forward to flip flops, bikinis, and sundresses!

Listening To: its an of monsters and men kind of monday

Wishing: that i had just one more hour in each day. but i love that quote "you have the same amount of hours in a day as beyonce" haha yes but she has minions and assistants and personal shoppers and endless budgets. so don't start with me beyonce!

happy monday everyone!