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royal oak, michigan




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sunday check-in : up north

Jessica Smith


greetings from northern michigan, the true winter wonderland! it is really coming down up here. we ventured up on friday night in the middle of the worst part of the storm. let's just say i spent the whole five hours gripping my seatbelt! unfortunately, i haven't done any venturing outside because i have been sicker than sick. yesterday i didn't even have a voice. but i am thankful to be up here, snuggled in front of a fire. i figured i would write today since we will be on the road tomorrow.

Working On: just finished assembling, stuffing envelopes, and stamping my little brother's save the dates! i can't wait to share them on here. it was really neat putting them together only 100 yards from where they will be exchanging wedding vows in june. i also spent some time this last week playing around with the silhouette cameo and some valentine designs.

Thinking About: the race my mom and i signed up for that i am dreading... we signed up for our first 5k, the cork town st pattys race. now a normal person that is just tuning in might say, "ok whats wrong with a 5k, its like 3 miles, big whoop" but then there are those of you who know me, that know i probably couldn't run a mile if someone was chasing me with a knife. true story. but i am training (yes training to run 3 miles, shush). 

Anticipating: the wedding show we will be participating in this march at the rust belt in ferndale hosted by Indie Detroit Wedding Ring. we are very excited to announce that we have joined the community of IDWR Vendors. i first stumbled upon this group at the ferndale diy festival last summer and was interested right away. really looking forward to networking with other handmade "craft wedding superstars" as they call them! 

Listening To: the snap crackle pop of the fireplace and the snoring of the dogs. i am trying not to doze off...

Wishing: that i could just stay up here the rest of the week, month, year. its so peaceful and relaxing. but there are so many exciting events coming up! Super Bowl sunday, the olympics, prepping for our st patty's 5k, not to mention all of my clients and the fun projects!

happy sunday everyone!