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royal oak, michigan




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monday check-in

Jessica Smith


so i am not typically one to impress myself... i have gotten into plenty of arguments with my new silhouette cameo cutting tool since i purchased it. mainly because i am one of those "try first, read the manual later" types of people. I CAN DO IT MYSELF! (any wedding crashers fans out there?) Anyway... i kept my fingers crossed with the new gatsby invitation band and it came out absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to share the entire suite with you all!

Working On: finalizing a few print orders that are in production this week, keep an eye out for the finished product! i am also going to be working on some valentine card ideas. if you didn't get a chance to check out our custom playing cards on etsy... please do! they make a great valentine's gift for a loved one and you still have time to order!

Thinking About: the weird weather. this is my least favorite time of the year. after all the good parts of winter pass, its just a waiting room until spring and flowers and grass and sunshine. and its a constant toss up... will it be 45 degrees today or below freezing? 

Anticipating: hearing back from a local collection of wedding vendors that i would love to join! it could really open up for some exciting networking and possibly a wedding show (one that i would ACTUALLY enjoy doing) in the near future. have you attended a wedding show? what was your experience like? honestly... they all feel like cattle calls to me! but who doesn't enjoy free cupcake samples?

Listening To: its a lumineers kind of monday. 

Wishing: that i had time to make it to the gym today. my friend kim is always the best motivator and planned the perfect gym evening, but unfortunately, today's schedule just isn't going to allow it. maybe i will chase moses around the table a few times haha, get that heart rate up!

happy monday everyone!